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    Life and Critical Illness Cover

    What would your family live on if you had a critical illness? How would they cope financially if you died? Would they be able to afford your funeral expenses?

    Life and Critical Illness cover are the traditional forms of cover for those looking to protect their mortgages and families in the event of critical illness or death and the good news is that it can cost you less than your morning coffee habit!

    Over 50s Life Cover

    Did you know that you can get guaranteed acceptance for life cover if you are between the ages of fifty and eighty years of age? It is also possible to get cover with:

    • No medical/health questionnaires
    • A guaranteed cash lump sum included, should you die after the first two years of taking out cover
    • Cover for accidental death within the first two years of taking out cover
    • Fixed premiums from just £5.00 a month
    • Funeral benefit options

    However, a careful review of cover options is always required. In particular, it is important to factor in inflation fluctuations and their potential impact on any cash lump sums you wish to gift to your family.

    Income Protection

    Income protection is a product that protects your income should you be unable to work for a long period of time. Most income policies will cover you for up to 60% – 65% of your income, helping to provide reassurance that your family would be able to pay bills if, for whatever reason, you were unable to attend work.

    Life Cover

    Life policies offer a way of providing death-in-service benefits on an individual basis.

    Using a life policy to cover your employees also allows your business to offer them a valuable benefit.

    If you’re a Company Director, you can save up to 49% with a Relevant Life Policy compared to your current life cover, as policy premiums can be paid in more tax efficient ways.

    Relevant Life Policies are suitable for Company Directors, small businesses that don’t have enough eligible employees to warrant a group life scheme and high-earning employees who have substantial pension funds and don’t want their death-in-service benefits to form part of their lifetime allowance.

    Protection, CA Financial Services

    Private Medical Insurance

    Private medical insurance is used to cover the cost of private medical treatment for curable short-term medical conditions. Private medical insurance includes the cost of surgery specialist accommodation and nursing in a private hospital, or in a private ward in an NHS hospital. Usually there are two types of private medical insurance, standard and comprehensive.

    Standard Medical Insurance covers hospital and emergency treatment. This type of cover will include in-patient and day care treatment only.

    Comprehensive Plans offer additional coverage, including such care as outpatient treatment, dental treatment, complementary medicine, maternity travel and personal accident cover.

    There are wide ranges of policy in the medical insurance arena with many different levels of cover. Call the team at CA Financial Services to review your options.

    General Insurance

    General insurance, or non-life insurance policies, including automobile and homeowners policies, provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event. CA Financial Services offers highly competitive products in both personal lines and commercial lines of insurance:

    Personal lines of insurance include private car, household, pet and creditor insurance, amongst others.

    Commercial lines of insurance include employer’s liability, public liability, product liability, special events, credit insurance, legal expenses, premises cover and fleet cover.

    Immediate Need & Long-Term Care Annuities

    The unfortunate reality is that one in three of us will need long-term care at some point in our lives. Learning that you have to go in to care can be distressing, both for the individual involved and close family members. In that scenario, the added uncertainty of how care will be paid for is an unnecessary burden. To tackle the problem, insurance providers have developed Immediate Need or Long Term Care Annuities.

    An Immediate Need annuity policy can be purchased when an elderly relative is already in either residential care or a nursing care home, or is about to be admitted. The annuity is paid directly to the care provider for the life of the individual and the Inland Revenue enables this to be paid gross (no tax on the income).

    A Long-Term Care annuity is underwritten individually for each client based on his or her age, sex, health and the income required. After a medical assessment, illustrations of the lump sum required to produce the needed income can be produced. In return for a single premium, a tax-free regular income will then be offered to the care provider of your choice.

    Here are the pros and cons of long-term care annuity:


    • It is tax free if paid directly to the provider
    • Benefits are paid for life, providing you with the peace of mind you need
    • The total cost of care is known
    • Benefits can be moved from one care provider to another as required
    • Premiums paid will reduce inheritance tax
    • An escalation feature allows for the rising cost of care
    • Options are available to protect up to 75% of the annuity


    • If death occurs early, there may be some capital loss, although protection can be taken against this
    • There can be cost shortfalls, even with capital protection, if home care fees rise very quickly
    • The income produced will impact upon any means tested benefits gained due to disability, such as attendance allowance
    • Once taken, there is no scope to change your mind
    Protection, CA Financial Services

    School Fee Planning

    The decision about where to send your children to school is a big one and you always want to be sure that you can remain consistent in your choice. If you decide to make the step and venture into the private sector, we recommend planning ahead and investing appropriately for school fees, as well as a potential rise in school fees year on year. At the moment, school fees are predicted to rise by over 70% in the next 10 years.

    “Really listened to what I needed. Very reassuring in every aspect.”
    Jeanne, Kent
    “I’ve known Craig for 18 months. In that time, his advice has been second to none. I was made redundant in early 2013. My main concern at the time was my company pension and the fact that my company would no longer be funding it. Craig’s advice was to take my pot out and invest it in a drawdown pension. Craig took care of all the transfers and setting me up with a sipp and a fund managed porfolio. Prior to this, a risk assessment was carried out with myself and Craig. He has also arranged meetings with the fund management company in which I have my own fund manager. I’m kept up to date with my portfolio and it’s performance. Craig has also given me sound advice on tax and investments with follow up reviews.”
    Roy, Kent
    “I would highly recommend Craig and his team for their in-depth knowledge, professionalism and politeness in helping me secure my Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover. It was swift and easy. I will continue to use CA Financial Services for all my financial decisions in the future.”
    CK, West Malling
    “Listens to what you need – not what he wants to sell you. Will offer solutions after gaining all the facts. He has arranged insurance for an insurance-a-phobe and having dealt with the company for claims in the last year they have been extremely easy and pleasant to deal with, so I am more than happy with the service provided by them and by Craig. I would recommend him to anyone looking to review their financial/insurance situation – very helpful and pleasant to deal with.”
    Tracey, Orkney
    “Gives very good advice and treats you as an individual. Very easy to talk to and explains things in layman’s terms. Craig sorted out the problems with my previous pension provider and I am now a lot happier with my investment. I will definitely pass Craig’s number on.”
    Michael, Surrey
    “So far, I have only used Craig to maximise an annuity following maturity of a stakeholder pension. Service to date has enthused me to follow up with a review of all existing investments.”
    John, West Sussex
    “Very approachable and good manner. Good summary reports.”
    Steven, East Sussex
    “I was lucky enough to find Craig’s details on the internet. Craig really goes the extra mile on all aspects of things, as well as providing sound, fulsome and timely guidance on financial products. There is no question as to whether I will seek Craig’s advice going forward and, from my experience, I would also recommend Craig without hesitation.”
    Ben Raynor, Solicitor, London
    “I would highly recommend Craig and his team for their in-depth knowledge, professionalism and politeness in helping me secure my Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover. It was swift and easy. I will continue to use CA Financial Services for all my financial decisions I need to make in the future.”
    Christina, Kent
    “Craig is clearly passionate about finding the right product for his clients. He is also reasonable and upfront about any risks and you never feel that he is placing any up unwanted pressure, which is rare in this field. He is a true gem and I am pleased he looks after my portfolio.”
    Lorna, Kent
    “Since finding Craig, following my redundancy in 2009, he has been very helpful and professional in his manner and advice. He carried out a full review of my finances and pointed me in the right direction. Since then, he has helped me to transfer a company pension to a private pension scheme and will soon be organising a mortgage for us. Highly recommended and does not push particular products.”
    Shaun, Buckinghamshire



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