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Chances are that you’ve been looking forward to this part of your life for a long time. After putting in all the work you have, now’s the time to enjoy your golden years. This isn’t a time you want to spend worrying about money, but enjoying all the free time you have to spend now.

By getting your finances right now, you can ensure you’re living the life you want and kick off your retirement on the right foot.

If you are starting to think about retirement and are now in your 50s or older, then you’ve probably worked your whole life and have a substantial sum of wealth to show for it. However, much of this may have remained locked up in investments and savings.

As involved or attentive as you were with your finances during your working years, you’re now navigating through a new financial stage of your life. There are different things to learn and specific aspects of your financial portfolio to interact with for the first time. After years of saving your pensions up and tying your money into long-term investments, this is probably the first time you really need to gauge their value.

Now is the time to really work out where you stand and where your savings can take you from here. By mapping out your route you can ensure that all you’ve worked for is really taking you as far as it can.


You don’t have to wait for your day of retirement to dive in though. In fact, if you’re thinking of retiring 5 or even 10 years down the line, we still encourage you to get with us. At CA Financial Services, we can help ensure that all you’ve done is as well-aligned as possible with your goals and your desired lifestyle.

This is a time you want to feel certainty and confidence, which we can help you with by lending our expertise and insight to the decision-making process. There are probably corners of the world you want to see. Bucket list of things you want to do. With our help, you can go into retirement confident of experiencing it all.


Over more than 15 years of experience helping retirees enjoy the life they want we’ve refined a simple and effective process to get you where you want to go.

We can only do our job to the best of our ability if we understand your situation properly. This is why we always take a personal and attentive approach. We kick things off with a conversation to get to know your aspirations and then move on to a meeting where we get to grips with your financial situation and get to know you better.

We’ll pull together all of the relevant details on your personal and financial services, including important things like your existing assets and resources. Once we know all we need to know about the tools you have to get you where you’d like to go, we can have a full conversation with you about how we can get you there. We’ll also take our time understanding your attitude toward risk so that you end up on the exact path you want to be on.

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As well as helping you feel comfortable and valuing a personal service, our attentive approach also has the benefit of allowing us to put together the best analysis possible. Once we’ve got all of the necessary details from you, we can get to work on putting your tailored plan together. A crucial part of this process is building a deep understanding of your tax situation. After your years of saving and hard work, it’s only fair that as much of your wealth as possible gets to be used and enjoyed by you. We’ll use our understanding of your assets to lay out a plan for placing them in the best tax treatments allowed in the UK.

At CA Financial Services, we believe that you’ll only feel truly comfortable if you understand our plan as well as we do. That’s why, when we now come to you with our plan, everything is laid out as simply and transparently as possible. By keeping things straightforward, both you and we can move forward confident that everything aligns with your goals.

We want you to understand why we recommend what we have. This is why you’ll receive a letter from us that clearly lays out an explanation for each point we’ve made and each recommendation we brought up. We want you to feel not just comfortable with why your money’s doing what it’s doing, but optimistic. These explanations can be sent to you by email or by paper, whatever suits you best.

After this, we provide great value to most clients with our ongoing service. Things will keep changing for you over the years, whether that be your personal goals, tax laws or something else. The real value of financial planning lies in keeping one step ahead and never letting your financial situation drift. We will always be available to arrange meetings as regularly as you like and will suggest timeframes to ensure your money from here on out is always working for you.

I was lucky enough to find Craig’s details on the internet. Craig really goes the extra mile on all aspects of things, as well as providing sound, fulsome and timely guidance on financial products. There is no question as to whether I will seek Craig’s advice going forward and, from my experience, I would also recommend Craig without hesitation.

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