Did you know that according to research5 , women are more likely to hold their nerve and avoid crystallising a loss when the market dips? In an attempt to stem their losses, nearly half of men (48%) have sold investments at a loss when they’ve fallen in value. By way of comparison, just over a third (38%) of women have crystallised a loss on a market dip. This impatience could prove costly, with the research (based on £10,000 invested in 1992, adding 10% of average salary and reinvesting dividends until 2022) estimating that the real cost of ‘impatient’ investing over 30 years could total almost £200,000!

Hold your nerve

The ability to avoid knee-jerk reactions when markets fall is valuable. Adopt a steady, long-term investment strategy and remember that market volatility is normal. History shows that those who are patient and stick to their plans are more likely to achieve their financial objectives. So, whatever the stock market has in store as the year unfolds, holding your nerve is key. Patience is a virtue. 5 Alliance Trust, 2022