A handy tip to make retirement saving a little easier

Even before the pandemic, high living costs and debt meant that many people found contributing much to their pension pots challenging

Now, with rising unemployment and an uncertain economy, it’s unsurprising that 16% of employees reduced their pension contributions as a result of the pandemic, 15% opted out, while 7% stopped contributing altogether1 .

A matter of perspective

Despite reduced incomes and travel restrictions, English holidaymakers still spent £28.5bn on staycations and day trips in 20202 . So, if holiday funds currently take precedence over your pension, try seeing it this way: your pension contributions are still saving up for a holiday – just a little later in life!

Imagine your future self

Retirement may seem a long way off, so try imagining yourself in the future and what you want to do and achieve once you stop working. You might want to holiday and eat out regularly or take up a new hobby maybe. Imagining what your pension funds might help you to achieve, rather than considering them as an inconvenient chunk bitten out of your current income, is a great way to prioritise your pension.

Any contribution is worth it

Any contribution is better than no contribution, so let us help you assess your finances to make those future holidays a reality. 1 Employee Benefits, 2020, 2 isit Britain, 2020

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