What’s so valuable about the independent financial advice you can get from CA Financial Services?

At some point in your life or another, chances are that you’ll need financial advice to help you navigate through the minefield that is working out how to make the most of your money.

The need for such a service becomes abundantly clear during significant life events such as having a child, purchasing a home or working out when and how to retire.

In areas such as Kent, where the cost of living seems to never stop rising, this is particularly important.

Working out where the best place to get this advice isn’t always immediately obvious, but one consideration that many people look out for is whether the help they’re getting is coming from an independent financial advisor such as CA Financial Services.

When seeking financial advice in Kent, where things can get rather competitive financially, you want to ensure that your advisor is looking out for you.

An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) has numerous benefits when working out what to do with your money. Here we’re going to look at some of the key reasons why the fact that the advice from CA Financial Services is independent makes it worth your while.

The last thing you want when it comes to someone giving you financial advice is for them to have hidden ulterior motives. With many larger institutions, putting your money in their hands means that they are considering a range of factors besides your financial wellbeing when they distribute your money.

What you may end up with here is a loss of potential earnings so that someone somewhere else can take advantage and rake in more from their own investments or interests.

There are likely to be few things more valuable to you than your savings and for most people, it will bring peace of mind knowing that the advice for their money is meant for their money and no one else’s.

Knowing that full necessary attention is being given to your money means that you can feel comfortable working with CA Financial Services.

Of course, you don’t want the attention of just any odd person on your money. You want the independent financial advice you receive to come from someone who has insight and experience in how to navigate the market and make your money work for you. In the cutthroat financial world where everyone’s trying to get ahead, good intentions unfortunately just aren’t going to be enough.

At CA Financial Services we have the expertise to provide you options along all avenues including, savings, ISAs, investments, estate and inheritance tax planning, equity release and more. It’s important that your advisor has the flexibility to work out exactly what the right option is for your financial situation, and you get that with CA Financial Services’ extensive knowledge of these options.

There’s no point in this flexibility if your advisor doesn’t take the time to get to know your personal situation and what you’re looking for. What’s the point in having all the answers if your financial advisor doesn’t know what questions you have and what you’re looking for? With CA Financial Services’ Independent, our expertise gets put to good use because the time is taken to give you a personal service.

This is why if you’re from Kent you should be on the lookout specifically for a financial adviser based in Kent. Getting your insight from someone who knows your background well means your situation can be tailored to you with all the minutiae necessary to maximise potential.

Rather than just showing off by listing qualifications and options, by getting to know you, your financial set up and where you’d like to go with it CA Financial Services can lay out a path that’s just right for you. Finances are a personal matter, and the personal touch of a caring Independent Financial Advisor will not just help your money do well but also ensure you feel comfortable whilst it’s happening.

This doesn’t just have to be a one-off plan either, your plans may change alongside your situation and a good adviser will always be available to provide a sounding board so that you can make better decisions with your money. Starting off with a cohesive plan is always important but the knowledge that there’s someone who continues to look out for you and is there to discuss things with you is a great comfort that can benefit your pocket in the long term.

You may be wondering how to get all of this kicked off. On the CA Financial Services website, you’ll be able to find a short form for you to fill out. The team will then swiftly get back to you and arrange a free initial consultation at a time that’s suitable for you.

This is where you can discuss your situation, what you’d like to achieve with your money and find out what options are available to you. This stage of the process is often called a ‘fact-find’.

If everything seems good with you, then extensive research of the market is undertaken so that a report can be relayed back to you with tailored advice and explanations for the reasoning behind it.

You are not obliged to adhere to any of the advice and are always able to ask questions about what the options presented to you entail. If what is proposed sounds like an effective plan for your money, then the necessary plans are set up and your money can start going to good use.

The financial world can seem scary and confusing, but with a good adviser, it really can be that simple.

If you’re hoping to find a guiding hand with your financial future in Kent, you’re in luck.

CA Financial Services really can make things that easy for you!