Financial Advice for Widows & Widowers

Getting help as a widow or widower from CA Financial Services.

 A recent bereavement could mean that you’re currently going through one of the toughest times in your life. You may feel that the future is uncertain and be experiencing some anxiety, especially in regards to your financial future.

It’s possible that your significant other tended to look after the financial side of your family, and now you’re worried about that responsibility being shifted onto you whilst you are still processing your loss.

It can seem intimidating initially, not knowing where to start, working out which steps have to be taken to keep your financial life on the rails. What things can’t be pushed back? Is it possible to postpone important decisions until a more manageable time?

Chances are that the main thing you’re looking for right now financially is reassurance. It’s important in this tough time to feel confident that you and your family will be okay. Your life may have changed but you want to know your living life in this new stage to the fullest, even when your partner isn’t here anymore.

Whilst getting these basic financial and emotional reassurances sorted out may initially seem daunting in a time like this, the help of a financial professional can put some of those worries to rest. By having a caring, dedicated team like CA Financial Services to support you with your new financial challenge, you can have more emotional space to work through other personal processes that are likely to have arisen.

Getting expert advice in a time like this can help you to feel both financially organized and secure. This can help lighten your emotional burden and will be invaluable when you feel ready to look to the future.

We always take a patient and sympathetic approach with our clients and will take the care to be attentive and considerate especially in cases of bereavement.

You’ll never be put under pressure and our process of helping you will only ever be at a pace you’re comfortable with. Everything that we recommend to you regarding your financial future will be done after listening closely to your wishes. When you see our recommendations, they’ll be presented clearly and understandably. It’s not just the final goal of securing your financial future that’s important at CA Financial Services. We want the process of helping you find that path to be as smooth and painless for you as possible.

Thanks to our wealth of experience, we know what we need to do to make that process easy for you and to make sure it puts you on a good financial path.

First, we put as much as necessary into understanding your situation. This starts with something as simple as having a conversation with you. Once a meeting has been arranged, we will do all we can to understand the aspects of your situation that you desire support with. We’ll get to know you and what you are hoping to get out of our insight. Getting to know your situation also means collating necessary personal and financial circumstances and details, and building an understanding of your existing assets and resources. Once we’ve built our understanding with you, we’ll listen to your aims and hopes and discuss your attitude towards risk.

Next comes our analysis and we begin to design your financial plan. Once we have all of your relevant details, we use our expertise to understand your situation on a professional level After we have finished analysing, we put together your individually-designed plan. This includes taking into account things like your tax situation and formulating the right steps to have your assets placed in the best tax treatments allowed in the UK.


Once this has been done, we bring our recommendations to you, in person. Our priority is clarity and simplicity when it comes to showing you our conclusions. This presentation is coupled with a written explanation of why we’ve suggested what we have and it is again written in an accessible, straightforward way. We can present these recommendations by email or via hard copy, whatever suits you best. The main thing for us is that you feel confident about our proposed plans and that we can bring you some certainty about your future.


Our work with you as a widow or widower doesn’t need to be closed up there and then. To get the most out of your financial advice, CA Financial Services offers an ongoing facility to help keep your plans in line with your goals.

We’ll only ever be as involved as you want us to be, but touching base from time to time is an important part of keeping your plan on track. Even if you’re steadfast in your desires for the future, other factors are always evolving. By providing an ongoing service we prevent any financial drift and can utilise meetings and conversations to keep things in check.

So, if this is a time of bereavement for you, let us help by taking some of the load off your shoulders. CA Financial Services are here to keep the financial future of you and your family on track.


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