Financial Advice when Divorcing or Separating

Divorce and Separation advice from CA Financial Services’ Advisers

When a long-term relationship or marriage appears to be coming towards the end of its life, your vision for the future is likely to be reshaped.

As people spend more time together it’s inevitable that your finances become intertwined to one degree or another just as many other areas of your life have.


Untangling these things can initially seem daunting and precarious without the right help. During what could be a stressful time in your life, the last thing you want is to have to bear the full responsibility for working out your financial future.

Insecurity is natural in times like these in regard to key areas of your life. Your finances are, at the end of the day, a highly personal matter. Going through divorce or separation means looking at your financial situation and its future head-on.

There are many aspects to this untangling which may be even harder to deal with if you’re simultaneously shouldering other emotional burdens

There may be worries about any children you have and whether you’ll need to find a new place to live. Questions about your pension and your mortgage naturally arise. Working out a fair settlement can seem like an overwhelming task initially and leave you questioning your own choices.

Rather than try and take this all on alone or between you and your ex, many people look for guidance.

It’s perfectly understandable to not have full confidence in times like this and getting insight from those who can provide it may prove invaluable.

CA Financial Services are one of Kent’s most reputable and reliable financial advisors. During a divorce or separation, it’s important that you’re getting advice from a source that is experienced, sympathetic and astute. Luckily, we’re all of those things and more.

By paying close attention to your situation and what you want to achieve we are able to see you through this stage of your financial life.

Our patient and empathetic approach gives you the opportunity to come out the other side with a strong understanding of how your situation has changed and a confident outlook about where to go from here.

The approach CA Financial Services takes to divorce and separation will allow you to see this step in your life as an opportunity. From here, you can take stock of where you’re at and lay out your future path.

Making sure we find a solution for you that doesn’t just make sense to you, but gets you excited for what’s to come, is our goal. We do this by skipping confusing financial jargon, getting to know your situation as closely as you need us to, and laying out the options in plain English.

This isn’t an automated process of online forms and print-out responses. You can feel assured that someone from our team will meet with either you alone or with your partner to find an appealing solution to your separation.

We’ll help you work out issues such as division of assets and put together pension sharing reports. Having these available in court will smooth out the separation process immeasurably and ensure that equal incomes are shared, if desired.

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?

I was negotiating a divorce with my former partner and looked for financial help and advice regarding pensions and annuity.

How has Craig Atkins helped you?

Craig was very approachable and listened and guided me, through what was a very difficult process for me.

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

I have been very happy with the outcome and have been able to invest some surplus money.

Vouchedfor client Jan '22

Collaboration is key during times like this and we’ll take all necessary steps to make sure it’s done fruitfully. You may already have a solicitor, lawyer, mortgage adviser, counsellor or other professional adviser helping you with this. We can easily work alongside them to make sure all available expertise is being channeled into satisfactory results for all.

If your first worry is getting the short-term mess sorted out, we kick things off by looking at what needs to be agreed upon and organized now. It may be a hectic time in your life and we take seriously the need for you to keep your financial life on track.

Once you feel confident and secure about your short-term situation, we look to your future. You can look forward to complete financial peace once we’ve worked with you on a plan for the long term. This will incorporate all the things you look for in a financial future such as optimism, transparency and stability for both you and your family.

Once all of that is worked out, we are always available to make sure your financial life stays on track. Whilst the direction given by expert advice is the best thing you can get for your stability; life inevitably continues to throw curveballs to the very end. As new situations arise or your goals change, we’ll continue to be here with a personal and attentive approach to ensure you’re always going in the direction you want to be.

And even if things are plain sailing from here on out, sometimes it’s just nice to get insightful updates. Keeping tabs on your financial situation and having it laid out in an understandable way is a great way to remain content about your circumstances.

So if you’re currently going through a separation or divorce, get in touch with us. We’re here to provide you with the advice and support you need to turn this tough stage into an optimistic future.

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