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Whilst receiving an important gift may at first thought appear as a simple process, it is a process that can initially be overwhelming. Processing the death of a loved one is already difficult enough to deal with, and some people may find that trying to manage the receival of their inheritance only seems to make things more complicated.

You are likely to feel a sense of responsibility in regards to your inheritance, and dealing with it is likely to be one of the most personal processes of your financial life.

Chances are that several questions will come to mind for you, which is perfectly understandable during what can be a confusing time.

You may be trying to work out what your loved one would have wanted you to do with this gift. Not only is working that out possibly important to you but also the best way to go about it.

Maybe you’re thinking about investing it, and are looking at the best way for you safely get good returns from what you’ve inherited.

Many people choose to pay off their mortgage when receiving an inheritance. There are strong pros and cons to such a move, so it’s always worth getting some proper insight into your exact situation and needs before diving into such a decision.


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You may be looking to the long-term though. Some people in certain situations view their inheritance as something that will again be passed onto their children. With such aspirations, it’s important to work out how as much of the inheritance can be passed on as possible. With various tax and legal factors to consider, it requires professional insight to get the most out of such a plan.

Even if you’re just looking to the short term, protecting your inheritance from tax now is also likely to be one of the first questions on your mind. Wanting to make sure that the inheritance left for you goes to you is more than fair enough and we’re here to help that happen as much as legally possible.

Although you’ve probably come into your inheritance amidst tough circumstances, receiving it undoubtedly has a welcome and positive aspect to it. The job of the team at CA Financial Services is to help you make the most of your inheritance that fulfils your wishes and eliminates waste through taxes and the like.

Working with us means getting help from an experienced team that knows how to navigate this delicate time. One of the most important things experience in this field teaches you is that each individual’s situation is different. Only by listening closely to what your situation is and what you’d like to achieve can we do the job we set out to do.

Your lifestyle goals, financial needs and personal preferences will all be noted and analysed with care. Our tried and tested approach to creating a personalised plan is guaranteed to put you on the right path.


Firstly, we take the time to get to know you and your goals for the future. We cut out grey forms and instead take a personal approach t make sure we really understand what you want to achieve. This is how we can move forward confidently knowing your interests are being met.

After that, we will discuss the financial implications of your inheritance more specifically. This allows us to start working out how to make the most of your money and maximise the positivity it can bring you and your family in the long term. We’ll consider all options that fulfil your needs and talk to you about both your short-term needs and long-term hopes. We’ll give just as much attention to debt repayment and investments as we will to a meaningful holiday you may have planned if you want. The main thing is that we listen and then work with you to move things forward.

A key aspect of turning these goals into a reality is being efficient with the tax side of things. It’s important to make sure as much of your loved one’s gift is there for you and our experience and insight here make getting results that much easier.

Once the initial plans are completed, we offer advice on an ongoing basis. CA Financial Services can start you off in the right direction, but circumstances change and having an expert on hand can stop things from going adrift. Tax situations and your desires will always be evolving, and we know the most important part of our work may end up coming a bit further down the line.

We take a personal approach to getting you going as steadily and confidently as possible, and we’ll always be here to see you through as long as you need us.

Very pleased with outcomes so far, Craig is attentive to our needs. There is nothing that he could have done better, it is ongoing and we all keep abreast of what needs to happen and work well together.

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