10 Things to Remember When Markets Fall

In response to the recent market downturns, Rick Eling provides you with '10 Things to Remember When Markets Fall' to help cut-through the noise and achieve your clients long term investment plans. Headline Index Falls vs. Client Falls Clients will be reading some scary numbers on the news and online. Talk of “1,000 point declines” [...]

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Whilst awareness and popularity of alternative options for further education, such as apprenticeships and vocational courses, has increased in recent years, so too have the number of university applications. Figures from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) revealed a new record for English UCAS applications last year, with 39.5% of 18-year-olds applying. Closely [...]

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Boosting financial wellbeing is a perpetual resolution for many of us. Whatever your goals, the fresh beginning a new year brings is the perfect time to take stock of your finances and make resolutions to achieve them. A new study has concluded that the likelihood of successfully achieving your financial goals is heavily linked [...]

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The four questions most asked of financial advisers

The four questions most asked of financial advisers By Rosemary Bigmore There are times in your life when you’re not sure what decisions to make about your financial future. That’s when an adviser can prove to be indispensable. Financial advisers are tasked with answering many questions in client meetings. While the majority of them [...]

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Four pension questions to ask before retirement

Four pension questions to ask before retirement Flexibility and freedom may be the current pension buzzwords, but those people who are on the verge of giving up work are advised to consider their options very carefully. In recent years, the retirement income landscape has been transformed. Keeping your pension money invested and making flexible [...]

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Simplifying IHT

A second report reviewing Inheritance Tax (IHT) has been published by the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS). The 103-page report is entitled ‘Simplifying the design of Inheritance Tax’ and follows the first report, published in November 2018, which focused on forms, administration and guidance. Key areas The report covers three key areas: lifetime gifts, [...]

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Talking Money is Good for your Health

Why talking money is good for your health By Rosemary Bigmore ‘Talk Money, Talk Pensions Week’ is the ideal time to discuss money worries, which research shows can help improve your financial well-being. More than three-quarters of employees in the UK claim money worries affect them at work, according to a 2019 study by [...]

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