Interest Rates on Hold

The BoE has again left interest rates on hold and reiterated its belief that the monetary policy response to Brexit could ultimately push rates in either direction.   Following its latest meeting on 19 June, the nine-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted unanimously to maintain its existing monetary policy stance. This marks the tenth [...]

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Bank cuts growth forecast

The Bank of England (BoE) has reduced its growth forecast for the UK economy amid growing concerns over global trade tensions and fears of a no-deal Brexit.   In its latest policy statement, the BoE said it now expects economic growth to be flat during the second quarter of this year, a downgrade from [...]

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What is Equity Release?

How can my property provide for me? For many people, their property is their biggest asset. Unlocking this value via equity release is an option being considered by an increasing number of over 55s as a way to help financially plan for retirement. Equity can be released via a lump sum or in stages [...]

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Equity Release 2019

EQUITY RELEASE MARKET RECORDS BUSIEST START TO ANY YEAR AS PROPERTY WEALTH HELPS MEET DIVERSE FINANCIAL NEEDS £936m of housing wealth unlocked by homeowners aged 55+ during Q1 2019, an 8% increase year-on-year Total customers served between January and March increased by 10% annually to reach 20,397, including 10,854 plans agreed Despite market’s growth, [...]

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Although the latest set of employment statistics once again shows that the UK labour market remains in a relatively robust state of health, the data did suggest that the recent growth in wages may have stalled. According to data from the Labour Force Survey, the unemployment rate fell to 3.8% in the January to [...]

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Rising energy prices have pushed the headline rate of inflation up to its highest level this year, although the increase was less than both the Bank of England (BoE) and economists had been predicting. Data from the ONS shows that the Consumer Prices Index 12-month rate – which compares prices in the current month [...]

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May Market Update

Geopolitical tensions increased in May, as did concerns over the strength of global growth. Trade tensions intensified between the US and China, and later in the month between the US and Mexico, as President Trump announced plans to impose a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports from 10 June. The President is threatening a [...]

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The CBI has warned potential Tory leadership candidates about the consequence of a no-deal Brexit, as the Prime Minister’s announcement of her imminent departure has effectively put the Brexit process on hold until a new leader is elected. On 24 May, Theresa May announced that she would be stepping down as the Conservative party [...]

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The UK economy benefited from a sharp one-off boost to growth in the first quarter of the year as manufacturers stockpiled ahead of a Brexit that never came. Data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that gross domestic product (GDP) rose by 0.5% during the first three months of 2019; this [...]

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The Office of Tax Simplification has been tasked by the Chancellor to make Inheritance Tax (IHT) simpler and more streamlined, and to review the rules on gifting, pensions and property. Recommendations are due to be announced shortly. In a recent consultation, more than 3,500 people were asked their views on IHT, and their verdict [...]

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