ESG: From niche to mainstream

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing looks set to continue gaining traction, as ESG factors increasingly merge into mainstream investment strategies, new research suggests. ESG investing has grown substantially across the world over the past few years, with investors becoming increasingly keen to learn where their money is going and whether it is having [...]

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First-time investors dip a toe

With interest rates plummeting to record lows and rumours of negative rates on the horizon, many savers are shying away from traditional savings accounts and trying their hand at investing, though it remains important to hold enough for emergencies in accessible, risk-free form. While the pandemic has caused financial difficulty for many families over [...]

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A “swifter and more sustained economic recovery” on the cards?

Continued support during the pandemic was, unsurprisingly, the main focus of Rishi Sunak’s Budget Statement on 3 March, in what continues to be an exceptionally challenging time for all global economies. The Chancellor proclaimed that he would “continue doing whatever it takes” by outlining a three-point plan offering support for jobs and businesses, fixing [...]

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Investment Scams move up a Gear

Investment scams move up a gear The number of fraudsters using the details of legitimate firms to rope unsuspecting consumers into investment scams increased by 29% in the year to September 2020. The methods employed by investment scammers have become increasingly sophisticated, with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issuing a warning in January against [...]

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The Happiest Places to Retire

Whether retirement is a long way off or just around the corner, retiring as comfortably as possible is likely to be a primary objective. Having analysed the happiest cities to spend retirement across the globe, one study1 has revealed that Helsinki takes the number one spot. The research also shows that people typically need [...]

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Vaccines – putting a spring in investors’ step

The arrival of spring is generally associated with a sense of optimism and, this year more than ever, we are all certainly in need of a positive boost. Thankfully for investors, there are increasingly hopeful signs on the horizon, with a growing belief that we are now at least starting on the road to [...]

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Budget 2021: A Stealth Tax?

A freeze on most major tax thresholds in the 2021 Spring Budget, including Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, pensions and Capital Gains Tax thresholds, is set to bring in billions for the Treasury over the next five years. Paul Johnson, Head of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, commented that the spending plans unveiled in this [...]

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Will Frozen IHT Thresholds Affect You?

Frozen IHT thresholds will impact 'twice as many clients as LTA' One in three (31 per cent) clients are likely to be affected by the frozen inheritance tax thresholds, making up more than twice as many as will face a lifetime allowance charge, according to a survey of financial advisers from Octopus Investments. In [...]

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How to make your ISA inheritance tax efficient

One of the first financial tips a person is given, is to make use of their ISA allowance each year. ISAs (or Individual Savings Accounts) offer attractive tax benefits such as tax-free growth and dividends, but what happens when you get older and your goals change? Despite their many tax benefits, ISAs aren’t inheritance [...]

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Your estate planning options

How to plan for inheritance tax Inheritance tax is a tax on the value of everything you leave behind when you die. Not everyone is required to pay inheritance tax. You can leave any amount to your spouse or civil partner. But if the amount you leave to others is valued above £325,000, the [...]

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