Why it can pay to seek financial advice

Whether you’re looking for fund growth, tax savings, help with family finances or a career switch, there can be clear benefits in turning to experts, Rosemary Bigmore writes Paying someone to help with your money can feel counter-intuitive but expert advice can add real value to your financial future, particularly when your circumstances change. [...]

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Why setting up an LPA should be on your financial to-do list More people in the UK are now using legal instruments to ensure their affairs are looked after, in the event of them becoming incapable of managing their finances or making decisions about their health and welfare. In 2018, it has been reported [...]

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Finances on divorce

When long-term partners split up, there are a host of implications for mortgages, savings, tax and wills requiring careful consideration to avoid hardship, Rosemary Bigmore writes Splitting from a long-term partner, particularly a spouse, requires a complete financial re-evaluation. Involving a financial adviser at every stage will ensure you begin single life on a [...]

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Changing Patterns of Work

Changing patterns of work Partly due to the 2011 abolition of the default retirement age and the current phased increases in State Pension age, an increasing number of people are working longer than ever before. They are conscious of the need to fill the financial void between an insufficient pension and lengthening life expectancy. [...]

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Protection Policy Uptake Increases

Positive news as protection policy uptake increases It seems the message is getting through to people about the importance of arranging protection policies. Recent figures from technology provider Iress7 show that in Q1 2019 income protection sales via its software increased 50%. This is encouraging news indeed; and clearly shows that more people are [...]

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Financially Helping the Family

Giving family a helping hand The growing need to provide financial assistance to the younger generation is a recurring theme in today’s society. How can parents or grandparents help younger family members and are there any potential pitfalls when doing so? The House of Lords Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision recently highlighted how the [...]

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IHT Gifting Rules

High numbers unaware of IHT gifting rules Recent research4 has revealed that just 45% of people looking to gift money are aware of the rules and exemptions surrounding Inheritance Tax (IHT). Only a quarter (25%) of respondents admitted to possessing a ‘working knowledge’ of the rules surrounding gifting. The rules relating to gifts can [...]

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Trust in trusts

Trust in trusts The last decade has witnessed a number of legal reforms aimed at cracking down on the use of trusts as a potential means of tax avoidance. However, despite these changes, trusts can still provide an effective way to transfer wealth and thereby help families achieve their financial goals.  What is a [...]

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