“Philanthropy lies at the heart of human greatness”

The act of philanthropy can be defined as a desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the donation of money to good causes, such as charities or other deserving causes. It’s not straightforward to identify precisely what qualifies as philanthropy. You could count occasionally dropping some loose change into a collection [...]

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Financial education – giving your children a head start

Keeping your children occupied at home can prove challenging; it’s a real strain, trying to keep them engaged and interested. With the COVID-19 outbreak causing the majority of children to be home-schooled, parents are understandably concerned about their education and development. One perfect way to help your children, a skill which isn’t necessarily on [...]

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Unused services cost Brits £25bn a year

New research2 has found that the typical adult spends £496 per month on regular commitments, but £39 of that accounts for services that aren’t used. The most wasted outgoing is for gym membership, with 12% saying they pay for it, despite not using it. Other unused services include redundant mobile phones and streaming services. [...]

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How are your retirement plans coming along? Hopefully you’re well on track to lead a financially comfortable retirement. A recent Global Retirement Index has highlighted that the UK trails behind a plethora of global counterparts in terms of retirement security9. The Index assembles data from a variety of sources to produce a comparable score [...]

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