Improving Financial Confidence

An increasing sense of optimism seems to be apparent as the country emerges from lockdown, providing a much more familiar feel to the season, with anticipation growing that this will prove to be a Great British summer. There has already been a packed sporting schedule to enjoy, with events such as test cricket still [...]

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Homeownership trumps renting by £326,000

Homeownership trumps renting by £326,000 but 54% who are yet to buy think it’s “unrealistic” they ever will• One in three homeowners (32%) see their mortgage as being like an investment in their future• Nearly half (48%) of homeowners with a mortgage agree they are able to save more because their loan is cheaper than [...]

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Women must work for 40 more years to close gender pension gap

An insightful report9 makes it clear just how large the gender pension gap has become. A typical woman in her twenties, it reveals, would have to work an average of 40 years longer than a man to build up the same pension at retirement, with women currently averaging a £100k savings deficit compared to [...]

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UK adults wish they’d been taught more about pensions

How much of what you were taught at school do you use in your everyday life? More than two- thirds of British employees wish they had been taught more financial skills at school, believing this would have improved their financial situation later in life7. Pensions sit at the top of this list, with 40% [...]

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Separating your finances on divorce

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns have put great pressure on many couples over the past year or so, and many relationships have sadly suffered as a result. The financial implications of this can be challenging. How to split your finances As part of the divorce process, a decision will need to be made on [...]

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Don’t neglect your financial security

Financially supporting family members remains high on the agenda for a third of potential retirees, who spend more than £3,700 a year helping loved ones6 With retirees planning on an average retirement income of £20,663, they anticipate around a fifth of this will be used to support the finances of younger family members. Accommodation [...]

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ESG: From niche to mainstream

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing looks set to continue gaining traction, as ESG factors increasingly merge into mainstream investment strategies, new research suggests. ESG investing has grown substantially across the world over the past few years, with investors becoming increasingly keen to learn where their money is going and whether it is having [...]

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First-time investors dip a toe

With interest rates plummeting to record lows and rumours of negative rates on the horizon, many savers are shying away from traditional savings accounts and trying their hand at investing, though it remains important to hold enough for emergencies in accessible, risk-free form. While the pandemic has caused financial difficulty for many families over [...]

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A “swifter and more sustained economic recovery” on the cards?

Continued support during the pandemic was, unsurprisingly, the main focus of Rishi Sunak’s Budget Statement on 3 March, in what continues to be an exceptionally challenging time for all global economies. The Chancellor proclaimed that he would “continue doing whatever it takes” by outlining a three-point plan offering support for jobs and businesses, fixing [...]

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Investment Scams move up a Gear

Investment scams move up a gear The number of fraudsters using the details of legitimate firms to rope unsuspecting consumers into investment scams increased by 29% in the year to September 2020. The methods employed by investment scammers have become increasingly sophisticated, with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issuing a warning in January against [...]

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