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Getting advice for families with CA Financial Services

Being part of a family means wanting the best for others around you whatever happens. Making sure your family is provided for is one of the key reasons people work and make the effort to take care of their financial life.

There are all sorts of ways in which you may be hoping to help out the people in your family. If there’s someone particularly young, you’re caring for then you may be looking at how you can best pay for school fees or university fees. If they’ve grown up a bit, then it may be house deposits or wedding costs you want to contribute to. Whatever age they are, your children are your priority, and you want to put yourself in the best position you can to help them.

You don’t need to be at retirement age to start thinking about things like this. In fact, many parents start taking charge of this side of their financial life when retirement is still 20 to 30 years down the line. The earlier you start planning for things like this, the better results you’ll get. This is why many busy working professional parents seek out financial advice in regard to their families.

Whatever stage of your life you’re at, it’s never too early to start planning for your retirement and your family’s welfare. Here at CA Financial Services, we specialise in aligning your financial life with what you want to achieve for yourself and your family.

You’ll never know for sure what will happen in your family’s future, so a good financial strategy will include preparing for all possibilities and unexpected events. We’re here to make sure all bases are covered for your family’s financial welfare, as well as laying out a clear route to achieving the lifestyle you want to achieve for both you and them. CA Financial Services take an attentive, detailed approach to family financial planning which means preparations will be in place for all eventualities, should they arise.

We are able to achieve your goals so effectively thanks to our tried and tested approach. After years of experience, we’ve refined a method of getting to know you and building a strategy that gets you where you want to go whilst also keeping things clear for you always.

Initially, we take the time to get to know you and your hopes for the future. We skip the grey forms and instead take an individual approach to make sure we really know what you want to accomplish. This is how we can move onward assuredly knowing your interests are being met.

After that, we will discuss the financial possibilities your current situation is conducive to more specifically. This allows us to start calculating how to make the most of your assets and maximise the positivity it can bring you and your family in the long term. We’ll look at all options that meet your needs and discuss with you your short-term needs and long-term hopes. We’ll give just as much attention to each area that you want us to. If you have a specific financial goal to help a child in the next few years, we can prioritise that. If you have a vision for further down the line that means more than anything to you, we’ll focus on that first and foremost. The priority is that we listen and then work with you to move things onwards.

We’ll collate all of the important details on your personal and financial services, including things like your current assets and resources. Once we have an understanding of all we need to know about the tools you have to get your family where you’d like them to be, we can hold a full discussion with you about how we can get you there. We’ll also take our time getting to know your attitude toward risk so that you are always on a path that you feel comfortable with.

In addition to helping you feel comfortable and wanting you to enjoy a personal service, our attentive approach also has the advantage of allowing us to put together the best analysis possible. Once we’ve put together all of the necessary details from you about your family’s situation, we can get to work on putting your custom plan together. A vital part of this process is building a deep understanding of your tax situation. After your years of saving and hard work, with more possibly ahead of you, it’s only fair that as much of your wealth as possible gets to be used for you and your family’s needs. We’ll use our knowledge of your current and expected assets to construct a plan for placing them in the best tax treatments allowed in the UK.


Our work with you and your family doesn’t need to be closed up there and then. To get the most out of your financial advice, CA Financial Services offers an ongoing service to help keep your plans in line with your goals. We’ll only ever be as involved as you want us to be, but touching base at regular intervals is a crucial part of keeping your plan on track. Even if you’re steadfast in your desires for the future of your family, other factors can always come into play. By providing an ongoing service we prevent any financial drift and can utilise meetings and conversations to keep things in check.

CA Financial Services are here to keep the financial future of you and your family on track.

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