Many people make their first foray into investment on a DIY basis, perhaps based on advice from a friend, or after reading a report in the media. Over the years they may save in ISAs, or take out a personal pension plan, or dabble with investments without really having an overall investment strategy in mind.

However, when it comes to planning and investing for the future, perhaps for retirement, or to fulfil a life’s ambition, getting financial advice can make a significant difference.

Having clear goals and assessing your attitude to risk You really need to spend time considering what you want your money to achieve for you in the short, medium and longer term. This will provide you with an effective roadmap for your financial future. We can help you focus your mind to determine clear financial goals, helping you devise a realistic, achievable plan to turn them into a reality.

Putting your money into high-risk investments might not suit your temperament and could cause you sleepless nights if markets were to experience high volatility. Taking on too little risk could mean that you fall short of the financial goals you’ve set yourself. So assessing your attitude to investment risk is a top priority.

Choosing the right assets and reviewing them regularly Obviously, it’s impossible to take all the risk out of investing, but spreading your money across different types of asset can help avoid the dangers inherent in putting all your investment eggs in one basket. Different assets carry varying degrees of risk. With endless investment options available, we do the leg work for you. Over time, your attitude to risk may change. We will be on hand to undertake regular reviews with you, picking up on any changes in your lifestyle that could signal the need to adjust the risk level of your portfolio and helping to ensure that your portfolio remains in line with your investment goals.

The value of investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

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