Whilst most businesses insure themselves against the most commonly-encountered operational risks, it’s often the case that owners, directors and shareholders can overlook the need to protect what’s arguably their biggest and most precious asset, their management team and workforce.

Businesses are often heavily dependent on the energy and drive of one or more key people who have the skills and experience the business needs to thrive. In situations like this, key person insurance can provide funds to secure the future of a business if an essential member of staff is diagnosed with a critical illness or dies. Recent research has shown that only 26% of small-to-medium sized businesses having key person insurance cover.

Many business owners can find their time fully taken up with the day-to-day needs of running a successful enterprise. This is where a comprehensive review of an organisation’s business protection needs can help ensure that the right level of cover is in place to act as an effective buffer against life’s unexpected catastrophes. We’re here to help.

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